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Our Approach

Cloud services,  mobile devices laptops and desktops are just a beginning of digital evidence.

Why Us?

When faced with potential litigation, your company's outside counsel is likely the first call you make.  We are experienced in working with corporate or outside counsel and their case teams on all types of computer evidence issues.   

 We are experienced in performing computer forensics tasks in early pre-litigation matters, performing forensic analysis of data and presenting our analysis results in the form of expert witness testimony.   

Our experts are experienced in working with IT professionals in enterprise computing environments.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensic analysis will recover evidence that a legal document review simply cannot find. We assist the legal team in recovering data buried in computer systems which may support issues found during the legal document review. 

Digital evidence may be deleted remnants of documents, cached data not normally visible to users, log files, encrypted data and other artifacts forensic analysis may recover. 

Our experts specialize in digital forensics and evidence in civil litigation and data breach cases.

Data Collection

  We often assist clients execute a cost-effective plan to identify and preserve discoverable data . We work with counsel and other stake holders to identify potentially responsive data. Protocols must often be crafted in conjunction with opposing experts.

Our goal is to perform effective preservation of data to allow for accurate analysis as the case moves forward. Effective analysis assists in reducing the data reviewed by the case team .