Computer Forensics Services

Expert Consulting


  We have found that we can have the most positive impact on your case if we are called early in the life of a case. Our experts can assist in crafting or responding to inspection orders, reviewing and rebutting the work of an opposing expert, or assisting in technical depositions of opposing witnesses..

Forensic Collection


  Oftentimes our work begins with collection of potentially responsive data. We experienced in helping to identify, preserve and collect data to minimize the impact of a discovery obligation.  We are experienced in working with individual custodians or collecting enterprise data.

Computer Forensics Analysis


  We have performed forensic analysis of all sorts of systems, devices and hosted services. We work with the case team to focus on the most relevant data in civil litigation matters.  Whether defending a claim of theft of proprietary data from a competitor or evaluating the activity of former employees who may have taken your data to a competitor.

Data Breach Response



Our data breach experts work with your outside counsel or breach coach to answer some of the most important databreach questions: 

  • Did an intruder obtain  unauthorized access?
  •  Was data taken from your environment?
  •  Does your company have a notification obligation?

Expert Reports and Declarations


  In many cases, the workflow involves data collection, forensic analysis, and reporting of computer evidence issues. We understand that sometimes quick review and reporting are required to assist the case team in responding to computer evidence issues to be presented in court right away..

eDiscovery Data Mapping


 In enterprise environments issues resulting in litigation may require a third-party review to inventory data sources and assist in evaluating the company’s discovery obligations. Interviews and review of documentation will help provide legal counsel with the information needed to make informed discovery decisions regarding preservation and production obligations in complex computing environments.